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Current Undergraduate Students

Welcome current undergraduates!

Whether you are a Biology major or just taking classes in the biology department, our website has all the resources to assist you in your academic pursuits.

Please click on the links to review degree requirements, find courses of interest offered in the department, view a typical four-year plan of courses by semester or download the advising guide.

One of the greatest experiences we offer our undergraduates is the opportunity to work closely with faculty on their research projects.   The faculty perform research in many areas of the biological sciences.   Whether you are interested in ecology and the environment or cellular and molecular biology, you will find a research opportunity in these areas.

During your undergraduate career be sure to take advantage of opportunities that will enhance your experience in the department.  Join the Biology Club or Pre-Health programs, take a Spring Break trip with the faculty to an exotic location for fun and research, take advantage of our tutoring program, become a Teaching Assistant or tutor to increase your communication skills and impart your knowledge to others embarking on their scientific journey.

We are so glad to have you as part of our department and will work with you in any way to ensure a successful and meaningful undergraduate education.