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Two TCU Biology Students are Boller Award Finalists

As part of the TCU College of Science and Engineering Honors Research Symposium, the CSE was tasked with selecting three student presenters to compete in the University-wide Boller Award Competition based on their Honor Thesis Presentation. The Boller Award Competition is a way to recognize outstanding student presentations.


The 2017 CSE Boller Finalists (in alphabetical order):     


Gunnar Nystrom, Departmental Honors in Biology – “Cause for concern: Biological implications of heavy metal contamination in Kazakhstan’s Syr Darya River”, Advised by Dr. Marlo Jeffries


Sarah Price, Departmental Honors in Chemistry & Biochemistry – “Spectroscopic analysis of BODIPY dyes”, Advised by: Dr. Sergei Dzyuba


Kaitlyn Upton, Departmental Honors in Biology – “DNA barcoding insect species for Texas Horned Lizard diet analysis”, Advised by Dr. Dean Williams


Gunnar, Sarah and Kaitlyn will deliver their presentations during the Boller Award Competition on Tuesday, April 18th from 1-6 pm in the Scharbauer Hall Debate Chamber, along with other Boller finalists from across the University.  A schedule for the Boller presentations will be sent out by the Honors College next week. This event is open to the public, so please show your support for your fellow CSE students by attending their presentations.


In addition to the Boller finalists, the CSE would also like to give Honorable Mentions to the following three students for their presentations:


Laureon Watson, Departmental Honors in Psychology – “Domain specificity of the mating sociometer: Women’s distrust of potential rivals’ feedback”, Advised by Dr. Sarah Hill


Meriel LeSueur, Departmental Honors in Biology – “Another fish in the signaling sea: The effect of thyroid hormones on the immune function of adult fathead minnows”, Advised by: Dr. Marlo Jeffries


Maeson Wampler, Departmental Honors in Nutritional Sciences – “Determination of the impact of a culinary medicine nutrition educational program on dietary behaviors, meal preparation, and nutritional knowledge of cancer survivors”, Advised by Dr. Gina Hill


Congrats to our Boller Finalists and Honorable Mentions!


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