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Dr. Meredith Curtis

meredith curtis2015
Instructor I Direct: (817) 257-4247
BA Baylor University, 2001 PhD University of Washington, 2009
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Teaching Responsibilities

BIOL 20234 – Basic Microbiology – Fall

Basic Microbiology is a four credit hour lecture and laboratory course intended for Nursing, Nutrition, and Secondary Education Life Science majors.  Students will gain knowledge about microorganisms and how they impact health. Specific topics covered in lecture include microbial genetics, chemical and physical control of microbes in the environment, host pathogen interactions, and microbial diseases. The laboratory portion of the course will teach students aseptic transfer of microbes, common staining procedures, and identification of microbes through biochemical analysis.  The laboratory also aims to raise awareness of microbes in the environment and the importance of hand washing in a clinical setting.


BIOL 40203 – Histology – Spring

Histology is a three credit hour, upper-level biology course with a lecture and laboratory component.  Students will gain knowledge about the basic tissues of the vertebrate body through examination at the microscopic level.  An emphasis is placed on correlating anatomical structures with their physiological function.