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ETC - Jeffries Feb 2019

Jeffries lab publishes research demonstrating that gonadosomatic index is a confounding factor in fish-based endocrine disruption screening assays.

Kyle Roush (BS Biology 2016, MS Biology 2018) and Dr. Jeffries published an article in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry entitled “Gonadosomatic Index as a confounding variable in fish-based screening assays for the detection of anti-estrogens and nonaromatizable androgens” (Vol. 38, pg. 603-615). The article presents the results of experiments, conducted as part of Kyle’s MS thesis project, aimed at determining whether females with high and low gonadosomatic indices (GSI, an indicator of ovary size) differ in their responses to endocrine disrupting compounds. Overall, the work shows that ovary size influences the way in which females respond to both anti-estrogenic and androgenic compounds, highlighting the need to account for GSI in the design of endocrine disruption studies featuring female fish. The article can be viewed at

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