Open panel

Jeffries Lab presents research at the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) North America Meeting. 

The Jeffries lab delivered three platform presentations and five poster presentations at the SETAC North America meeting in Sacramento, CA. Leah Thornton (MS Biology 2016, PhD Biology 2020) gave two poster presentations – one detailing a novel visual method for assessing thyroid hormone levels in fathead minnow larvae and one describing the impacts of early life stage thyroid disruption on immune function. Julie Krzykwa (MS Biology 2017, PhD Biology 2020) presented a poster on the development of methods for measuring behaviors indicative of neurotoxicity in larval fathead minnows, while Lynsey Malin (BS Biology 2018, MS Biology 2020) presented a poster, co-authored by Miranda Finch (BS Biology 2019), describing the impacts of estrogen exposure on male immune function. Kyle Roush (BS Biology 2016, MS Biology 2018) delivered platform and poster presentations showing that female sexual maturity status and male sexual ornamentation are confounding factors in endocrine disruption screening assays. Abbey Johnson’s (MS Biology 2019) platform presentation described her thesis project, which seeks to uncover the mechanisms underlying hypothyroidism-induced reductions in reproductive output in fathead minnows. Dr. Jeffries gave a platform presentation demonstrating the need to consider sex and sexual maturity status in the design of immunotoxicity studies. In addition, Kyle and Abbey received travel awards from SETAC to support their attendance at the meeting. (November 2018)

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