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Our Current Graduate Students

Biology MS Students and Theses

Our Master of Science students conduct thesis research on a wide variety of biological topics. Below are recent graduate students and their MS theses. While most students have earned their degree in Biology, several earned their degree in Environmental Science (ENSC) or Psychology (PSYCH) while conducting research with Biology faculty members.

Hagen, Christopher (2019) The Impact of Early Development Stress on Inflammation in Adulthood

Hannappel, Madeline (2019) Effect of Body Size on Mercury Concentration in Shoreline Spiders

Johnson, Abigail (2019) Connecting Development Thyroid Disruption to Impaired Reproductive Stress in Fathead Minnows

Mirkin, Stephen (2019) Predation Release of Texas Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma Cornutum) Living in Small Towns

Thalhuber, Thomas (2019) Methylmercury Contamination and Diet of Nestling Red-Winged Blackbirds

Winer, Zane (2019) Floral Herbivory in a Carnivorous Plant

Alenius, Rachel (2018) Can Specialists Generalize?  Diets of Texas Horned Lizards (Phyrnosoma cornutum) in Small Texas Towns

Gerstle, Christopher (2018) Spatial Patterns of Mercury Risk to Piscivorous Wading Birds of the South Central United States

Malmquist, Jacob (2018) Development and Use of a G. Mellonella Infection Model to Discover Novel Virulence Mutants in B. anthracis

Peterman, Julia L. 2018 (PSYCH) Extended isolation stress induces exacerbation of Alzheimer’s Disease-related pathology in 5xFAD mice 

Roush, Kyle (2018) Sexual Maturity Status as a Confounding Variable in Fish-Based Screening Assays for the Detection of Anti-Estrogens and Non-Aromatizable Androgens

Weinstein, Spencer (2018) Should I Stay or Should I Go? Analyzing the Genetic Basis of Migration-Related Traits in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Bruns, Peter (2017) The reproductive effects of thyroid disruption in the Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas)

Carmickle, Rachel (2017) Turning the tables all over again: Herbivory in a carnivorous plant

Hayes, Hailey (2017) An Exploration of the Neuro-protective and Anti Inflammatory Effects of Rolipram: A therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease

Krzykwa, Julie (2017) Development of cardiovascular and neurodevelopmental metrics as sublethal endpoints for the fish embryo toxicity test

Lindsey, Cole (2017) Assessing changes in bat activity in response to an acoustic deterrent – Implications for decreasing bat fatalities at wind facilities

Ortega-Rodriguez, Celeste (2017) Mercury contamination of eight taxa of shoreline spiders and possible risk to arachnivorous songbirds

Paulhus, Kelsey (2017) Hydroxylpyclen as a potential therapeutic for Alzheimer’s Disease

Thompson, Morgan (2017) B-cell response and antibody production in an inflammatory model of Alzheimer’s disease

Ackel, Alexis N. (2016) (ENSC) The devil in the details: population estimation for conservation management of Texas horned lizards (Phrynosoma cornutum)

Beal, Andria (2016) Using RNA-seq to study the sex-role reversed Gulf pipefish: Are patterns of sex-bias in gene expression different when we are dealing with Mr. Mom?

Bienz, Christina (2016) (ENSC) Surface texture discrimination by bats: implications for reducing bat mortality at wind turbines

Claunch, Kevin (2016) Role of IrgAB and the ClpXP protease in antibiotic resistance and autolysis in Gram-positive pathogens

Foo, Cecily (2016) Are tree bats foraging at wind turbines in the Southern Great Plains?

Jarzombeck, Luyi Z. (2016) (ENSC) Aerial-hawking bats can glean prey items from surfaces similar to wind turbine towers: implications for reducing bat fatalities at wind facilities

Williams, Edward (2016) Effects of season and pond permanence on odonate-mediated methyl mercury flux

Granthon, Carolina (2015) Avian malaria and body condition in four species of songbirds

Greenhill, Frank (2015) Insect emergence from temporary and permanent ponds: Response to drying

Hardy, Amy (2015) Do repeated bouts of inflammation lead to sustained elevation of amyloid beta in the brain?

Thornton, Leah (2015) Timing is everything: Exploring the differiential reproductive effects of PBDE-47 in adult and early life stage fathead minnows

White, Jordon D. 2015 (PSYCH) Exercise and microglial cell activation

Yuen, Brad R. (2015) (ENSC) Surface texture differentiation using synthetic bat echolocation calls: implications for reducing bat fatalities at wind turbines

Huang, Yueyong (2015) Small molecule inhibition of trans-translation impairs Staphylococcus aureus viability

Adams, Kimberly Joan (2014) Do fish contamination advisories for mercury adequately protect the public

Biffi Olivas, Daniella (2014) Use of non-invasive techniques to determine population size of marine otter Lontra felina in two locations of Peru

Gann, Gretchen (2014) Mercury-contaminated terrestrial spiders pose a potential health risk to songbirds at Caddo Lake, Texas/Louisiana, USA

Pearson, Scott (2014) Inflammation- and age-related alterations in Tau expression and phosphorylation

Powell, Cleveland H. (2014) (ENSC) Mercury concentrations in riparian spiders along three East Texas rivers and the health risk they pose to songbirds

Vinson, Ben (2014) The role of exercise in the alleviation of central accumulation of amyloid-beta and prevention of cognitive dysfunction following peripheral inflammation

Wall, Ashley (2014) Home range and genetics of Texas horned lizards (Phrynosoma cornutum) in two small towns in South Texas

Cocke, William Gary, Jr. (2013) Effects of fish and nutrient addition on emergent insect-mediated methyl mercury flux out of experimental ponds

Cochran, Courtenay D. (2013) (ENSC) Bats, bugs, and wind turbines: is there a connection?

Evans, Christopher Ryan (2013) Investigation of the ClpXP protease’s connection to Bacillus anthracis cell wall characteristics

Franks, Sarah Elizabeth (2013) A novel role for tellurium resistance genes in the pathogenesis of Bacillus anthracis

Jones, Taylor Alaine (2013) Bottom-up nutrient and top-down fish impacts on mercury flux from aquatic ecosystems

McAlexander, Aaron (2013) Evidence that bats perceive wind turbine surfaces to be water

Wu, Wenjing (Lily) (2013) Unmasking a silent killer: uncovering the mechanism of Hepatitis C virus protein NS5A-mediated inhibition of the innate immune response

Yockey, Mason (2013) Impact of nuclear-mitochondrial hybridization on fitness and oxidative stress in Caenorhabditis briggsae and C. Sp 9

Jones, Christina M. (2012) (ENSC) Spatial patterns of mercury contamination of fish in the south central United States

Korstian, Jennifer Michelle (2012) High genetic diversity and lack of structure in eastern red bats: Lasiurus borealis

Mitchel, Jeffrey Stewart, Jr. (2012) Age-related changes in heat shock protein expression in the mouse hippocampus

Tallent, Daniel Edward (2012) Genetic variation in the pds gene and its relation to fluridone resistance in Hydrilla verticillata

Tweedy, Brent Norris (2012) Effects of fish on emergent insects and their transport of methyl mercury from ponds

Frankel, Anna Margaret Dalby (2011) Estimating incidence of multiple paternity of Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles on South Padre Island, Texas

Gleaton, Samuel James (2011) Bridging the gap: the role of hepatitis C virus nonstructural protein 5A in the inhibition of intracellular antiviral pathways

Hatchett, Erin S. (2011) (ENSC) Wind turbines do not negatively impact density and nest success in grassland birds at a North Texas wind farm

Kahn, Marielle S. (Weintraub) 2011 (PSYCH) A potential role for LPS-induced inflammation in the induction of Alzheimer’s disease-related pathology and cognitive deficits

Stevens, Thomas K. (2011) (ENSC) The effects of wind energy on overwintering grassland birds

Wadlington, Jacob Michael (2011) Mercury concentrations in largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), white bass (Morone chrysops), and white crappie (Pomoxis annularis) from six Dallas-Fort Worth area reservoirs

Gettel, Shannon Leigh (2010) Neurogeneisis and antidepressant-based behavior modification

Hawkins, Meredith Elise (2010) Genetic analysis of the captive breeding program for the critically endangered painted terrapin, Batagur borneoensis

Henderson, Byron L. (2010) (ENSC) Mercury contaminantion of macroinvertebrates from ponds with and without fish at the LBJ National Grassland, Texas

Meyer, Jeffrey A. (2010) (ENSC) Effects of wind turbines on breeding grassland birds in north-central Texas

Rubenstahl, Trevor G. (2010) (ENSC) Habitat charateristics that influence scissor-tailed flycatcher nest success at a utility-scale wind farm in north-central Texas

Quinteros Casaverde, Natalia Leonor (2010) Genetic structure of fragmented Polylepis multijuga plige (Rosaceae) forests

Crenshaw, Molli Jones (2009) Virus versus body: the effect of the Hepatitis C virus NS4A protein on the antiviral response and cancer development

Grajczyk, Amber Marie (2009) Evidence of clonal reproduction and high genetic variation in the exotic weed Hydrilla verticillata

Nguyen, Anh Quynh (2009) The genetics of DEET-resistance in Caenorhabditis elegans

Roberts, Condred (2009) Characterization of three sexually sterile mutants of the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Subramanian, Shilpi (2009) Involvement of hepatitis C virus protein NS5A in apoptosis

Upjohn, Rebecca L. (2009) Primary conifer succession in the devasted area in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California

Wallace, Stephanie Anderson (2009) The role of adult-derived neurons in learning and memory

Repasky, Rebecca Elaine (2008) Diversity and phenology of Orchidaceae in an upper montane forest, Department of Cusco, Peru

Sawey, Michael Ray (2008) Habitat-specific differences in mercury concentrations of Mississippi grass shrimp from Caddo Lake, Texas

Waltke, Andrew James (2008) The Sapotaceae of a lowland rainforest

Fallis, Lindsey C. (2007) Identification and distribution of carbohydrates on the surface of gametes in the zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha

McAnlis, Kevyn (2007) Surface carbohydrate distribution on the gametes of freshwater and marine bivalves

Bhattarai, Ganesh Prasad (2007) Deciphering the importance of pitcher size in prey capture in the carnivorous plant, Sarracenia alata wood

Brinker, Andrew Michael (2006) An ultraviolet light survey of three species of semi-aquatic snakes at the Old Sabine Bottom Wildlife Management Area, with intraorder comparisons and microhabitat descriptions

Green, Michelle Lynn (2006) The relationship between prey capture and characteristics of the carnivorous pitcher plant, Sarracenia alata wood

Szopinski, Jennifer Jean (2006) Identification of three Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii genes encoding actin-associated proteins