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Exit Interviews

Exit Interview

The Department of Biology is always listening to our students in order to provide the best educational experience possible.

At the end of the senior year, all undergraduate students are contacted by the chair of the Biology Department for exit interviews.  These interview provide us first-hand information about the student’s experiences in the Biology Program and how to improve our program.

Here are our student comments in the exit interviews in Spring 2015

“I enjoyed that you were able to pick your faculty advisors and they were knowledgeable, flexible and that you were able to gel with your advisor. Advisors were always available when I needed them.”

“I really enjoyed my time at TCU and obviously they have a very winning formula here for doing a very good job for what they set out to do.”

“Definitely the upper division courses were one of the best parts of being a biology major. You’re able to pick what you want to take and really delve into those topics, which were a lot of fun and challenging for me.”

“Yes I did take advantage of the open door policy. A wonderful thing about TCU is that I could make those personal connections with the faculty outside of class.”

“TCU has been a wonderful experience for me.”

“Great department and great program. I think you really provide students with the things they need to succeed, and
whether or not they take advantage of it is their choice.”

“Friends at other large universities say their teachers aren’t readily available to help with their needs.”

“The strengths of the program would be that the professors are willing to help and the fact they actually care about you.”

“Really enjoyed my time at TCU in the biology department, really grateful for all the people that spent time teaching me.”

“The faculty were the best part of the department. I felt very prepared for every test, I felt like I could come in at any time and talk to a professor.”

“It was a very tough curriculum and it definitely pushed me. I learned how to study and what’s expected of me and I feel very prepared for medical school.”

“I really liked it here, don’t want to leave. An incredible atmosphere and school.”

“You do an incredible job with junior/seniors by having limited class sizes, one-on-one interaction, and giving ample opportunity to work in labs.”

“Hands down the teaching staff is one of the best experiences. Also small class sizes and professors were approachable.”

“Great job of hiring the best biology staff.”

“The strengths are the professors they are awesome. You can tell they are knowledgeable in the subject they teach, they teach it very well, and it’s rigorous but fair.”

“I think it’s a great program and challenging.”

“Never had a professor that wasn’t available or approachable, never felt lost in a class.”

“I’ve really enjoyed my experience here; I came to TCU because it was smaller. This size of department has really maximized my learning; it’s been a good fit for me.”

“I did really enjoy biology, I just realized that science wasn’t what I wanted to pursue.”

“The biology department’s open door policy is just incredible. I can’t tell you the amount of times I disrupted faculty to ask a question or seek their advice.”

“I felt very comfortable in the biology department, very invited.”

“The professors, they have helped me so much. I came from small school where everyone knew everyone, the professors knew all the students. And I felt here at TCU if a professor had a class with 100 students it would be hard to focus on someone, but that wasn’t true. I feel I really connected with some of the professors.”

“Throughout my four years I have never had any problems. Everything was very smooth, classes were interesting, and professors were dedicated.”

“The biology department was most cohesive in terms of professor/student relationships. Never felt uncomfortable going to any professors for help going over my schedule or classes I was taking. I enjoy how tight knit it was.”