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Former Graduate Students

This list includes graduate students who worked with faculty in the department for master’s degrees in biology and environmental science. This list is not complete, but it is representative of the variety of careers that our graduate students have enjoyed. Please send any updates to

Kimberly Adams
M.S. Biology 2014
Currently: Conservation Education Project Specialist Professional Intern.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Florida.

Kristi Argenbright
M.S. Environmental Sciences 2003
Currently: Instructor, School of Geology, Energy and the Environment, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Robert Baca
M.S. Biology 1993
Ph.D. University of Mississippi, 1998
Currently: Biologist with USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Riverdale, MD

Michelle May (Basham)
M.S. Environmental Science 1994
Currently: Physical Scientist
Remote Sensing Workgroup, Resources Inventory Team
National Cartography and Geospatial Center
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Fort Worth, TX 76115

Tamara Basham
M.S. Environmental Science 2003
Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin
Currently: Instructor at Tarrant County College

Dr. Ganesh Bhattarai
M.S. Biology 2007
Ph.D. University of Florida
Currently: Post-doctoral Associate
University of Florida
Indian River Research and Education Center

Daniella Biffi
M.S. Biology 2013
Currently: Pro Delphinus, Peru

Bradley Blackwell
M.S. Environmental Science 2008
Ph.D. Syracuse University, New York 2013
Currently:  Postdoctoral Researcher at the EPA in Gulf Breeze, FL

Dr. Kenneth Boykin
M.S. Biology 1992
Ph.D. New Mexico State University 2006
Currently: College Associate Professor, Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

Andrew M. Brinker
M.S. Biology 2006
Currently: Teacher, Paschal High School, Fort Worth, TX

Sam W. Brush
M.S. Environmental Science 1980
Currently: Central North Texas Council of Governments

Elliot N. Carman
M.S. Biology 1998
Currently: Consultant, U.S. Corps of Engineers

Larry Champagne
M.S. Environmental Science 1979
Currently: Manager of the Ecological Risk Assessment Program,
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Austin, TX

Dr. Matthew Chumchal
M.S. Biology 2002
Ph.D. University of Oklahoma, 2007
Currently: Associate Professor of Biology, Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX

Gary Cocke
M.S. Biology 2013
Currently: Water Education Coordinator, City of Plano, TX

Jennifer Cooke
M.S. Biology 1999
Currently: Upper School Science Teacher, Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth, TX

Molli Crenshaw
M.S. Biology 2009
Currently: Instructor, Anatomy and Physiology, Texas Christian University

Amanda Davis
M.S. Environmental Science 2005
Currently: U.S. Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth, TX

Keith A. Daum
M.S. Environmental Sciences 1978
Currently: Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Batelle Energy Alliance

Susan Decell
M.S. Environmental Sciences 1996
Currently: Regional Coordinator athe Railroad Commission of Texas

Dr. Vince G. DeMarco
M.S. Biology 1982
Ph. D. University of Florida
Currently: Associate Research Professor, University of Missouri

Dan DeWilde
M.S. Environmental Sciences 1992
Currently: Manages web sites as well as multimedia and video communications for Carter & Burgess, a national architectural and engineering consulting firm based in Fort Worth, TX

S. Matthew Drenner
M.S. Environmental Science 2008
PhD, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Currently: Postdoc at University of British Columbia

Vangipuram Dwarakanath
M.S. Biology 1987
Currently: Research Associate at UT-Southwestern Medical School
Dallas, TX

Dr. Perri K. Eason
M.S. Biology 1983
Ph.D. University of California, Davis
Currently: Associate Professor
University of Louisville, KY

Chris Evans
M.S. Biology 2013
Currently: Ph.D. program in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Dr. Lindsey Fallis (Perkin)
M.S. Biology 2007
Ph.D. Kansas State 2012
Currently: Research Molecular Biologist, United States Department of Agriculture, Manhatten, KS

Lisa J. Fitzgerald
M.S. Biology 1984
Currently: Animal Operations Supervisor, Dallas Zoo

Dr. Katelijne Flies
M.S. Biology 1985
Ph.D. University of New Mexico 1991
Currently: Professor, Biology Department, Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque, NM

Elizabeth Franks
M.S. Biology 2013
Currently: Ph.D. program in Immunology at Denver Health Sciences

Anna Frankel
M.S. Biology 2011
Currently: Director of Business Relations at RXpress Pharmacy, Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Kirsten Gallo
M.S. Biology 1995
Ph.D. Utah State University
Currently: I&M Division Chief, National Inventory and Monitoring Program, National Park Service

Gretchen Gann
M.S. Biology 2014
Currently: Lecturer, Biology Department, University of Texas, Arlington, TX

Shannon Gettel
M.S. Biology 2010
P.A. University of North Texas Health Sciences Center
Currently: P.A. for Family Centered Medical Group, Fort Worth, TX

S. James Gleaton
M.S. Biology 2011
Currently: Medical Student (UT San Antonio Medical School)

Amber Grajczyk, DVM
M.S. Biology 2009
Currently: DVM, Blue Cross Pet Clinic, San Antonio, TX

Kirk R. Guckenberger
M.S. Environmental Science 1998
Currently: Pharmaceutical Chemist in Parenteral Manufacturing
Eli Lilly & Co.
Indianapolis, IN

Dr. K. David Hambright
M.S. Biology 1985
Ph.D. Cornell University 1991
Currently: Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Erin Hatchett
M.S. Environmental Science 2011
Currently: Environmental Scientist, HDR Engineering, Inc.

Meredith Hawkins
M.S. Biology 2010
Currently: Medical school at UNT Health Science Center

Bryon Henderson
M.S. Biology 2010
Currently: Regulatory at Chase Oil Corporation

J. Jaron Hill
M.S. Environmental Science 2007
Environmental Manager – Williams Company, Oklahoma City, OK

R. Giselle Huet
M.S. Biology 2002
Currently: Huntington Study Group Coordinator at UT-Southwestern Medical School,Dallas, TX

Kevin Jobe
M.A. Biology 2011
Chemistry/Environmental Specialist at Entergy

Christina Osterlund (Jones) 
M.S. Environmental Science 2013
Currently:  Environmental Scientist, Atkins North America

Dr. Clark Jones
M.S. Biology 1992
Ph.D. Southern Methodist University 1997
Currently: Microbiology Instructor, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Gail Jones
M.S. Medical Technology 1979
Ph.D. University of North Texas 1992
Currently: Instructor in Biology Dept., Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

Taylor Jones
M.S. Biology 2013
Currently: Sr. Ecologist/Project Manager at BIO-WEST, Inc

Tim Jurgensen
MS, Environmental Science 1986
Currently: Aquatic biologist working for Texas Parks and Wildlife,
Freshwater Resources Program, San Marcos, TX
(512) 353-3480

Alie Karoma
M.S. Environmental Sciences 2001
Currently: Works for Sierra Leone Government, Africa

Dr. Kris B. Karsten
M.S. Biology 2000
Ph.D. Oklahoma State University
Currently: Assistant Professor of Biology, California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA

Jebiwot Gladys Keitany
M.S. Biology 2004
Ph.D. University of Washington/Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, Seattle, WA (2011)
Post-doctoral Fellow, 2011-Present, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

Jenny Korstian
M.S. Biology 2012
Currently: Laboratory Technician, TCU

Dr. A. J. Landwer
M.S. Biology 1988
Ph.D. University of New Mexico
Currently: Professor of Biology, Hardin-Simmons University

Rory Lang
M.S. Biology 1995
Currently Public Works Program Specialist,
County of Santa Barbara Water Resources Division
Santa Barbara, CA

Dr. Dan Lewicki
M.S. Biology 1997
Ph.D. Northwestern University 2003

Lori Winchester Marshall
M.S. Environmental Science 1998
Currently: McGraw-Hill, Education Dept

Kevyn McAnlis (Kendro)
M.S. Biology 2007
Ph.D. Kansas State 2012
Currently: Molecular Biologist at USDA

Aaron McAlexander
M.S. Biology 2013
Currently: Wildlife Biologist, Western Ecosystems Technology, Inc., Austin, TX

William C. McClain
M.S. Biology 2005
Currently: Sustainability Coordinator and Science Teacher, St. George’s High School, Collierville, TN

Steven R. McComas
M.S. Environmental Science 1980
Currently: Owner of Blue Water Science, an environmental consulting firm, Saint Paul, MN

Caren McLemore
M.S. Environmental Science
Currently: Technical Science Writer, Chimbarazo Publishing Co., NY

Keri McNew (Barfield)
M.S. Biology 2004
Currently: Research Project Manager at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Dee Mills
M.S. Biology 1993
Ph.D. George Washington University 1999
Currently: Director of DNA Profiling laboratory at Florida International University

Jason Morovtiz
M.S. Environmental Science
Currently: Senior Scientist, Olsson Associates, Golden, CO

Jeffrey Mitchel
M.S. Biology 2012
Currently: Ph.D. student in Forensic Genetics at UNT Health Sciences Center, Fort Worth, TX

Darryl Murray
M.S. Biology 2003
Ph.D. Baylor University
Adjunct Professor, Dept of Wildlife Sustainability and Ecosystem Science, Tarleton State University

Barbara Nickerson
M.S. Environmental Sciences 1982
Currently: Vice President, Freese & Nichols (an environmental engineering firm)
Fort Worth, TX

Stacy Nipper (Mozisek)
M.S. Environmental Science 2002
Currently: Vetenarian, Firehouse Animal Health Center, Austin, TX

Dr. Weston H. Nowlin
M.S. Biology 1998
Ph.D. University of Victoria, Canada 2003
Currently: Associate Professor, Texas State University

Scott Pearson
M.S. Biology 2014
Currently: Ph.D. student in Genetics at Texas A&M University

Susan Peden
M.S. Environmental Science 1995
Currently: Georgia Timberland Estate, Independent Contractor, SP Marketing, Fort Worth, TX

Cleveland Powell
M.S. Environmental Science 2014
Currently: Riparian Vegetation Technician for the San Antonio River Authority, San Antonio

Natalia Quinteros
M.S. Environmental Science 2010
Currently: PhD student, Queens College, CUNY

Kirsten Raines
M.S. Biology 1984
Currently: Teacher at Junior College

Conrad Roberts
M.S. Biology 2009
Currently: Law Clerk at Buckley Madole, PC

Trevor Rosensthal
M.S. Environmental Science 2010
Currently: Fisheries Observer, Houston, TX

K.L. Rypkema
M.S. Biology 1997
Currently: Producer and Science Host, Nature in a New York

Michael Sawey
M.S. Environmental Science 2008
Currently: Instructor of Biology, Texas Christian University

Shilpi Mehta (Subramanian)
M.S. Biology 2009
Currently: Instructor, Richland College, Dallas, TX

Jenny Szopinski (Fox)
M.S. Biology 2006
Currently: Product/Technical Sales Specialist at Syngene

Tom Stevens
M.S. Environmental Science 2011

Dr. Betty-Ann Svendsen
M.S. Biology 1989
M.D. Texas Tech University 1994

Stephen T. Tidd
MS Biology 1997
Currently: Employed at Boots and Coots Environmental Consulting Firm

Bob Trebatoski
MS Biology 1985
Currently:  HSE Manager at LyondellBasell, Corpus Christi, TX

Brent Tweedy
M.S. Biology 2012
Currently: Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma

Rebecca UpJohn
M.S. Biology 2009
Currently: Ph.D. student, University of Wyoming (Ecosystem and Science Management)

Ben Vinson
M.S. Biology 2013
Currently: Ph.D. student in Bioinnovation at Tulane University

Jacob Wadlington
M.S. Biology 2011

Currently: Business Development Representative at Alpha Testing, Inc.

Ashley Wall
M.S. Biology 2014
Currently: Biologist at Cambrian Environmental, Austin, TX

Stephanie Wallace
M.S. Biology 2009
Currently: Instructor of Biology, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

Elly Weber
M.S. Environmental Science 2004
Currently: Environmental Scientist, Pinyon Environmental Inc., Denver, CO

Dr. Joe White
M.S. Biology 1991
Ph.D. University of Montana 1996
Currently: Professor, Biology Department
Baylor University, Waco, TX
(254) 710-2911; Fax: (254) 710–2969
Joseph D

Chris Williams
M.S. Environmental Science
Currently: Business Development and Project Manager – Aviation and Facilities, Burns and McDonnell, Fort Worth, TX

Wenjing (Lily) Wu
M.S. Biology 2014
Currently: Graduate student (Ph.D.) OUHSC (Oklahoma University)

Karen Zabicki (Engates)
M.S. Biology 1997
Ph.D University of Texas, San Antonio
Currently: Senior Lecturer, Dept of Geological Sciences, University of Texas, San Antonio, TX